The Reason Dunkin' Is Giving Free Coffee One Day This Week
  • Sept. 27, 2022 12:24 pm EST

Coffee lovers, rejoice! In honor of National Coffee Day, you can enjoy a free cup of Joe at Dunkin' this Thursday, September 29, but with a few caveats. Did you know this annual celebration dates back to 1983 in Japan, according to Community Coffee Company? Today, thousands of people all over the world celebrate it every year, thanks to the dozens of restaurants and coffee shops that give away free or discounted coffee.

TODAY reports that customers can receive a free medium hot or iced coffee at Dunkin' only if they purchase another item at the restaurant. The other caveat is that a Dunkin' (DD) Perks membership is also required to receive a free coffee. The good news is, if you're not already a DD Perks member, signing up is free and easy.

You can sign up for a DD Perks membership on the Dunkin' website or via the Dunkin' mobile app. And if you haven't already figured it out, it's called "Perks" for a reason. In addition to getting a free cup of coffee on Thursday, you can get other exclusive offers and deals throughout the year.

Other free stuff you can get at Dunkin'

If a cup of coffee is the first free item you receive as a DD Perks member, you're in for a nice surprise because there are other perks ahead. You can also receive a free beverage after spending $40 on other items (via Dunkin'), so don't feel guilty about ordering all those Munchkins, Muffins, and Coolattas.

The DD Perks membership also allows you to save money at Shell gas stations after every five beverages you buy, but only until October 15, according to the restaurant website. For National Donut Day earlier this year (June 3), Dunkin' gave out one free donut to every customer who purchased a beverage (via Dunkin' Newsroom). No DD Perks membership was required.

Set your "get a free coffee at Dunkin'" phone reminder now so you won't forget to get that free medium cup on September 29. Then, continue to enjoy the other perks of the DD Perks membership throughout the year. And Happy National Coffee Day!