Here's How Costco's Sheet Cake Measures Up To The Competition
  • Dec. 7, 2022 10:47 am EST

You could say that Costco has a cult following, but since it requires a membership to enter, that might just make it a cult. Costco has certainly worked to develop this devoted following though, and has the quality and, most of all, quantity to back it up.

As if the sheer volume of quality deals wasn't enough, it has a food court good enough to copy, and its bake shop has saved many a birthday and holiday celebration. If you need a massive carrot cake for Easter or the perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, Costco has you covered every time. 

CNN reports that Costco customers were upset to hear that the COVID-19 pandemic had forced the company to discontinue its half-sheet cakes, and stick to selling the smaller 10-inch rounds instead. Aisle of Shame says that as of July 2022 though, the half-sheets had returned.

Costco's sheet cakes aren't the only ones on the market though, so how does their hype hold up against the competition?

Price and convenience

Like most of the things at Costco, when it comes to shopping for cakes, the price is always right. According to Bakery Cakes Prices, a Costco half-sheet cake will cost a meager $18.99. All Cake Prices reports that a similar half-sheet from big box competitor Sam's Club costs nearly twice as much at $39. Another big box store BJ's is a little closer to Costco's in terms of price at $24, and Walmart also sells theirs for $25.

When it comes to feeding a crowd at a modest price, the Costco half-sheet cake is hard to beat. Bakery Cakes Prices says that a half-sheet cake is meant to provide 48 servings, which means that it should only cost about $.39 per person to feed almost 50 people.

Costco also makes several blank cakes ahead of time for last-minute purchases, though any custom cakes will need to be ordered ahead.

In terms of price and convenience then, Costco comes out on top compared to its competitors, but how does it stack up in terms of flavor?

How do they taste?

Taste of Home says that Costco's half-sheet cakes have their own devoted following. This is likely due to the cake's interior layer of mousse. On the outside, the cake is covered with the classic vanilla or chocolate frosting you'd expect. The two cake layers are separated by a layer of either cheesecake mousse filling in the vanilla, or a chocolate mousse in the chocolate version. The Grocery Store Guy also claims that they tend to have a nice ratio of frosting to cake, and aren't too sweet either. 

Taste of Home says that the Costco half-sheet is going to be the best option for anyone looking to pick up dessert for a crowd. That's assuming that you already have a membership of course though. Sadly, Aisle of Shame claims that flavor options are limited. While they used to offer a half-sheet of carrot cake, the current menu only features vanilla and chocolate cake options.