Costco's $200 Emergency Food Kit Will Keep You Going For 2 Weeks In Style
  • Dec. 17, 2022 3:00 pm EST

Wholesale clubs like Costco offer many of the same items you find at other grocery stores but in bulk quantities. After becoming a Costco member, shoppers can access all the essentials, including meat, produce, canned goods, paper products, personal care items, pet supplies, and so much more. And as explained by U.S. News & World Report, bulk buying definitely offers quite a few benefits. Bulk items are usually less expensive per unit, and these savings can add up over time. Additionally, buying in bulk means that you'll rarely run out of the essential items you need in your home.

While certainly convenient, having a reliable selection of items in your home is also reassuring. Per Insider, a large stock of items prepares you for emergency situations, when it might be challenging to acquire the things you need when faced with shortages. This is the basis behind the survivalist/prepper lifestyle, which emphasizes readiness in the face of disaster.

The long, complex history of survivalism

According to History Cooperative, the "prepper movement" has undergone numerous changes over the years. While the specific origins of the movement are debated, fears about nuclear war in the 50s and 60s led many Americans to invest in fallout shelters. This uncertain era also spurred lots of discussion about "retreating" to remote areas and developing tactics for renewable energy and reusable consumer goods.

The movement continued to evolve over the next few decades, and eventually those involved split along political and ideological lines. The first instance of the term "prepper" appeared online around 2001, at which point the movement veered more into the mainstream. The move had much to do with the anxiety surrounding the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, as well as numerous natural disasters and financial setbacks that occurred during the following decade. There was even a television show, "Doomsday Preppers," that profiled people devoted to the cause. Preppers now consider themselves a diverse group of people that share one essential thing in common: the belief that self-reliance is mandatory in the face of a disaster. And a big aspect of being self-reliant is access to a reliable supply of food.

How Costco handles being faced with an uncertain future

The COVID-19 pandemic reignited the desire for preparedness in the minds of many people, according to The Guardian. During the worst of the pandemic, shoppers routinely arrived at grocery stores to find shelves depleted. Fears about supply chain woes continue into 2022, per Forbes. A survey conducted this past October found that 73% of respondents within the shipping and freight industry were concerned about logistical snags in the fourth quarter of the year. Based on these concerns, your thoughts might turn to disaster-proofing your pantry against future food shortages.

With this in mind, Costco is offering a Nutrient Survival 122 Serving Emergency Food Supply, which can sustain a single person for two weeks, or support a family of four over a 72-hour period. The package is priced at $200 and contains nutrient-dense food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And with a 25-year shelf life, the kit can provide peace of mind for many years to come. Shoppers can also expect higher quality fare as compared to typical canned selections. For example, the kit's Hearty Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal contains organic quinoa in addition to whole-grain oats. As for the Triple Cheese Mac, you can look forward to a combination of parmesan, white cheddar, and sharp yellow cheddar cheeses. This emergency food supply illustrates that you don't have to sacrifice flavor and quality in the interest of preparedness.