Costco's Crispy Fry Snacks Have Shoppers Complaining Of An Odd Flavor
  • Feb. 10, 2023 2:39 pm EST

If you have a Costco membership, you can get exclusive access to all the deals the store offers. Members also get access to Costco gas stations, which are often cheaper than other stations nearby. Plus, you can get exclusive access to vacation packages and discounts on prescriptions. Still not convinced? The Costco food court is open to everyone, so you can stop in and sample some food while you debate the membership options.

Many items at Costco only stick around for a limited time, and the wholesale store sells plenty of seasonal items. To see what's new, members have to stop in regularly to check out the most recent arrivals.

Instagram user @costcobuys is based in Michigan, and shares their favorite Costco finds with followers. Photos and videos show off new items, seasonal finds, and great deals at the wholesale store. While this can be a great way to alert customers to new products, not every item is a hit — and the comments on one recent post show that. One product has Costco customers complaining of a strange flavor.

Customers don't like this snack

Costco has begun selling a pre-packaged snack meant to mimic french fries. According to the Costco website, the Cadina Crispy Fries are sold in packages of 10, and each bag contains around 60g of potato sticks. The sticks are vegan and gluten-free, and each packet is around 340 calories. Though these snacks might be enticing, some who have purchased them are saying that the flavor is off.

Instagram user @costcobuys posted a video of the box in-store promoting the item, and wrote in the description, "I'm obsessed!" However, commenters weren't so convinced. One user wrote, "These taste really bad. Don't waste your money." Another user craved a taste similar to a different snack, writing "Yes these are gross I was hoping they would taste like Trader joe ones that they discontinued."

One user even criticized the Instagram page, which often shares new products found at Costco stores, and commented, "I wish this page actually bought and tasted the products before posting them."

Not everyone disliked the taste

Despite the multitude of negative comments on the @costcobuys post, there was one person who wrote, "These are so bomb!" Others were intrigued in spite of the reviews, with one commenter writing, "Can't wait to try!!" Another commented, "My daughter loves it." The post itself reads that the fries "have the tastiest, most satisfying crunch."

According to the Costco website, the ingredients in each packet include potatoes, palm oil, and a few different seasonings. Each fry also contains cabbage extract powder and kelp extract powder — which could be part of the cause of the strange flavor, if people are expecting a purely salty potato flavor.

Despite the reviews, if you're interested in trying these snacks for yourself to make your own judgment, @costcobuys states that a ten-pack of the snack bags retails for $12.99. If the cost is something you can justify, stop into your local Costco location to see if these snacks are available.