Chef Michelle Bernstein Brings Flowery Flavor To Macy's Culinary Council Slideshow
  • April 14, 2016 12:40 pm EST

Squash blossoms were the star of Bernstein's first dish in a flower-themed meal.

Chef Bernstein

Hailing from a Jewish-Latin family, Bernstein's roots play a big role in her cuisine.

Squash Blossoms

Stuffed with stracciatella, fried, and topped with kale pesto, the squash blossoms were a hit.

Chef Bernstein

Chef Bernstein fields questions from the audience as she explains her recipes step-by-step.

Bernstein's Second Dish

The second dish, a curried chicken salad, made use of orange blossom honey for the flower element.

Chef Bernstein

Chef Bernstein connected with her fans after the demo, posing for pictures and signing her cookbook.

Latin flavors in South Florida

Chef Bernstein talked about the Latin flavors in South Florida: "Flavor is what we're all about. It's not heat; it's just big. It fills your mouth."

Rose Water Pot de Crème

The rose water pot de crème that rounded out the demo was derived from a crème brulee recipe from Bernstein's youth.

Chef Bernstein

"[Learning to cook] is one of the most important ways to grow up," Bernstein said. "I love inspiring people to cook at home."