This Is Martha Stewart's Craziest Kitchen Disaster
  • Oct. 12, 2017 2:46 pm EST

Martha Stewart and her  Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party co-host Snoop Dogg dished to People about Snoop's weirdest food cravings, what Martha would do if she was Beyoncé for a day, and the biggest question, Martha's biggest kitchen disaster.

It may seem like Martha Stewart can do no wrong in the kitchen. She always appears calm, cool, and in control. "Oh, I've had lots of disasters, but I never let anybody know about them — that's the secret," she said, dispelling the rumors that she is the perfect dining host.

She then divulged that her biggest kitchen disaster involved American film icon Paul Newman and her beloved dog, Bear.

"The worst one was I was catering a party for Paul Newman. He was my neighbor, and he asked me to cater a party for him," she explained. "He wanted Moroccan food, so I made b'stillas, which are pigeon pies. Beautiful ones, with their design of powdered sugar on the top — I think there were 10 of them.

"I put them out on my stone wall to cool before we packed them in the truck," she continued. "And my beautiful little dog, little Bear, ate the tops off all 10." That sounds bad, but not nearly as bad as these 12 food star meltdowns and PR disasters. We still think you're perfect Martha!